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D.S.E's Bio

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Demolition Squad Entertainment was just a mere thought in 2 young minds in late 2005 by two talented youths by the name of BIG aka John Cerne and Dj Pitt aka Tom Bollig. Both were artist in their own respects trying to come up in a difficult game that has nothing but competition. BIG started of as an artist from the streets of Melrose Park. Dj Pitt started off his djing career at an early age. The two got their heads together, sat down one day and realized the talents that one another had and realize that a movement could be made that would set the two apart from the rest of the game and have their voice stand out. After a few years of thinking and networking, BIG and Dj Pitt found themselves in a technology class and were given the one opportunity that was needed to make the magic happen. They were allowed to build a vocal booth and given an 8 channel mixing board with some Cubase software and was told in order for you to get a grade, a production needs to happen. That opened the door to the beginning of the movement, The beginning of Demolition Squad Ent…

At the beginning of 2007, Big and Pitt got some funds together and bought some equipment of their own so they could branch off and start the company from the ground up. With a Mac, Pro Tools, an M-box and a microphone, music started to be made. For 2 years the art was made and recorded with several industry songs and some that were made by BIG himself. But even over industry instrumentals BIGs voice stood out and was heard and recognized more than the actually artists that first produced over it.With funds low, duplicating the music and production came to a halt. BIG and Pitt had to find jobs to survive in the tough world that we all live in…

In the beginning of 2009, about a year after everything came to a halt, a long time friend and brother Jon Perrier thought it would be a fun and profitable idea to get Demolition Squad Entertainment moving again. Jon sat down with BIG and Dj Pitt and talked about taking over the idea for the company and investing his own money into making it a professional business. Jon explained that he wanted to have a complete Entertainment company. It would be an independent label and a Dj entertainment company. Both BIG and Dj Pitt were on board for the idea. Jon spoke with BIG to get him back on recording and producing music. As time went by, BIG kept recording and making beats; While Dj Pitt was working on all types of mixes.During this time, Jon was working on investing the money he had saved up over the years intelligently. On April 15, 2010, Jon incorporated the company To The Limit LLC. Not too soon after that, he created a subsidiary called Demolition Squad Entertainment. As more time went on Jon started realizing the talent he had around him in his friends. One friend named Nick Hoo-Chung, had an interested in graphic design and video production. He too was saving money over time to invest in his dream. Soon he had the Adobe package along with a high definition camera. Jon asked Nick if he would like to join Demolition Squad Entertainment as its Graphic Designer and a member of it video production team. Nick agreed to the proposition and started working on designing art for the company.

With everything falling into place, Jon now had the means to put together music that BIG had created into a mixtape and a first album. He also had Nick in the graphics department to create the album art for both the mixtape and the album. After all the graphics were completed, Demolition Squad starteddoing everything in house from printing the discs to packaging. BIG’s music was now hitting the streets for people to enjoy.



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