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Chop Biography

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“Chop” was born, Nickyan Bromfield Jr., on November 12, 1987 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Chop grew up living in Broward County listing to 2-pac, Biggie smalls, Big L, T.I, Cash Money, Styles P and other artists that really took their craft to the heart. Growing up in a household supported by his single mother who struggled to take care of the family, Chop had to keep it moving. When Chop was just eleven he started writing rhymes and creating music to help keep his mind in the right place. At this age he really started to feel that his place was with music. Chop kept on writing rhymes, as well as recording at different studios anytime an opportunity came about. With a lot of positive energy around him and with all the people giving good feedback on his music, he continued on his passion.

Around the time that Chop was wrapping up High School, he learned his childhood friend Christopher “SwitchBlade” Singh was into music as well. Not only was he into music, but he had a small studio and was already becoming and amazing Producer and Artist himself. This sparked a great moment in Chops strive to be the best. “SwitchBlade” helped and influenced Chop to bring out his true talents.  Working together, they put together a mixtape called “Off Da Wall” to show the people the improvement from the hard work and dedication towards the craft he was building.

After working with “SwitchBlade” for some time, Chop was contacted by another childhood friend Jon Perrier. Jon Perrier had his own label Demolition Squad Entertainment and saw the potential in Chop to be a great Artist. Jon asked Chop to be a part of the movement and Chop agreed. Now Chop is an Artist on Demolition Squad entertainment and the rest is in the making.