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R.I.Vera- Biography

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John is the name chosen by God and passed on to his mother, Rivera is the name inherited from his ancestors, R.I. Vera is a product of John’s process, searching who he is. His mother’s side of the family had a strong musical background, his father’s side was strong in heart and in attitude both of Puerto Rican descent.  Hailing from the home of Larry Holmes, Easton P.A., born April 26th 1989 he spent half of his twenty-two years up north where he was amongst common brotherly love no matter race or creed which instilled great character at an early age. Like many people he went through good times and bad, finding other resources like family, friendship and love to make up for the materials he and his family lacked. Once he found music he found a moment in time where time stood still and no longer existed. He and his boys would sing when they were younger, kicking it in the alley or by the A-Z bodega reciting songs from Boyz II Men, Az Yet, Keith Sweat, Dru Hill, Donnell Jones, Genuine,  etc., to name a few. They would practice for performances for school showing off for the ladies in class. Once he hit puberty he never sang again, and then came rap. His sister would freestyle provoking him to battle back; he has not stopped since, continually molding from; doing it for fun, doing it for freedom of his hardships, for the character of Rap, for the people, the city, his peace, his passion and pride. At the age of ten he was forced to move with his family down to Ft. Lauderdale Florida, leaving everything he knew and loved behind. All his friends, from his hometown Easton, played a huge role in his introduction to music and, with the help from their older siblings, how to integrate music with your everyday life.  They are all people he thanks for being a significant part of his youth. The move to Florida was hard for R.I. Vera causing him to get in to trouble for the remainder of his youth but adapted to survive without changing who he wanted to be. He also would like to thank those who have been a part of that process and has stuck with him through thick and thin. Now with a mixture of influences from his journey, R.I. landed at Demolition Squad Entertainment. He, DJ Pitt and Jon, C.E.O, had a rapport from their younger years playing little league football with Jon’s older brother as one of R.I.’s coaches and his nephew Ant being one of R.I.’s first friends in South Florida. R.I. stated what brought him to the label was “the confidence Jon, C.E.O, has in my music”. So here they are R.I. Vera and Demolition Squad Entertainment, excited to be a part of an all-star cast and, “Ready To Make History-R.I. Vera”. 

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Flight- Biography

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Flight was born Patrick Watson on May 27th, 1988 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a young up and coming rapper whose lyrics and beats reflect his eclectic taste in music.  He grew up listening to a wide variety of music including the island sounds of reggae, calypso, soca as well as rock, pop, the early sounds of rap, and gospel music.  Familiar with the stories of life in Kingston, Jamaica and in New York City that he heard from his Mother, Flight learned early that great music was as much about the lyrics as it was about a good beat.  Whether listening to Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Lil Kim, Big Daddy Kane, or Metallica – there was often a message to get across.

Flight started writing poetry the age of 10 years old, after moving to Brooklyn, New York from Durham, North Carolina.  Having grown up in the suburbs of Cary and Durham, Flight was drawn to the rhythms and hustle of the city, and found that he could express the stories of his young life to the flow and rhymes of hip hop.  His lyrics are influenced by the sounds of the places he has lived in his life Durham, Brooklyn, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Cleveland.

From New York City, Flight moved to Broward County, Florida in 2002.  There he found that his music was becoming an integral part of his life and was necessary as an outlet and for personal expression.  He continued to write and listen to the sounds of Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, the Notorious B.I.G and WuTang Clan.  As a teenager in high school, Flight’s mother – a Pastor and Teacher – encouraged him to write his poetry and to find his voice in his writing, and they often discussed and analyzed the poetic forms present in the music of the artists they heard.

Flight started recording in 2007.  He recorded his first mixed tape with DJ Pitt, but did not release it, opting to return to the studio to complete a better sound.  He continued to write – focusing on developing his writing.  He returned to the studio in 2010 after moving to Lakewood, OH where he met and became affiliated with the “Fly Boyz” – a group of solo Ohio artists committed to supporting each other in the studio and on the stage.  

Flight’s first performance was in August 2010 at the Symposium Night Club in Lakewood.  After his first live performance, Flight renewed his commitment to making music.  He continued to perform in the clubs of OH and moved back to Florida in 2011. When He came back to Florida he found out D.S.E was back to business and wanted him to sign with the squad. The rest is history.

Flight currently has two mixed tapes out.  In April 2011, he completed and distributed his first mix-tape – “Conflicted Emotions:  The Pre-Tape” – engineered by Lino Boy Live.  The second, “One BIG Flight” was released in June 2011 with BIG.  Flight is back in the studio working on his next project “Conflicted Emotions: Through My Eyes and Through My Shades.”

When not writing, Flight enjoys running, going to the beach, watching documentaries and listening to music.  A deeply spiritual individual, Flight meditates daily.  

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Chop Biography

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“Chop” was born, Nickyan Bromfield Jr., on November 12, 1987 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Chop grew up living in Broward County listing to 2-pac, Biggie smalls, Big L, T.I, Cash Money, Styles P and other artists that really took their craft to the heart. Growing up in a household supported by his single mother who struggled to take care of the family, Chop had to keep it moving. When Chop was just eleven he started writing rhymes and creating music to help keep his mind in the right place. At this age he really started to feel that his place was with music. Chop kept on writing rhymes, as well as recording at different studios anytime an opportunity came about. With a lot of positive energy around him and with all the people giving good feedback on his music, he continued on his passion.

Around the time that Chop was wrapping up High School, he learned his childhood friend Christopher “SwitchBlade” Singh was into music as well. Not only was he into music, but he had a small studio and was already becoming and amazing Producer and Artist himself. This sparked a great moment in Chops strive to be the best. “SwitchBlade” helped and influenced Chop to bring out his true talents.  Working together, they put together a mixtape called “Off Da Wall” to show the people the improvement from the hard work and dedication towards the craft he was building.

After working with “SwitchBlade” for some time, Chop was contacted by another childhood friend Jon Perrier. Jon Perrier had his own label Demolition Squad Entertainment and saw the potential in Chop to be a great Artist. Jon asked Chop to be a part of the movement and Chop agreed. Now Chop is an Artist on Demolition Squad entertainment and the rest is in the making.

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Fl!ght- Mix-tapes

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The Secret Files


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BIG- Mixtapes

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9 Cult Life                                                          Krazie 88's

CULTLIFE FINAL 300                                   KRAZIE88SFINALCOPY275


Fruity Loops & protools                                      JUST BIG

goooood copy 2 SMALL                                   136 1302834955 justbigfinal


Supa Zoe Kronicles                                            One BIG Flight

SUPER ZOE KRONICLES 275                                   finalonebigflightcover copy SMALL


Industrial Ammunition

jjjjjjjjjjjjj copy  SMALL 

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D.S.E's Bio

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Demolition Squad Entertainment was just a mere thought in 2 young minds in late 2005 by two talented youths by the name of BIG aka John Cerne and Dj Pitt aka Tom Bollig. Both were artist in their own respects trying to come up in a difficult game that has nothing but competition. BIG started of as an artist from the streets of Melrose Park. Dj Pitt started off his djing career at an early age. The two got their heads together, sat down one day and realized the talents that one another had and realize that a movement could be made that would set the two apart from the rest of the game and have their voice stand out. After a few years of thinking and networking, BIG and Dj Pitt found themselves in a technology class and were given the one opportunity that was needed to make the magic happen. They were allowed to build a vocal booth and given an 8 channel mixing board with some Cubase software and was told in order for you to get a grade, a production needs to happen. That opened the door to the beginning of the movement, The beginning of Demolition Squad Ent…

At the beginning of 2007, Big and Pitt got some funds together and bought some equipment of their own so they could branch off and start the company from the ground up. With a Mac, Pro Tools, an M-box and a microphone, music started to be made. For 2 years the art was made and recorded with several industry songs and some that were made by BIG himself. But even over industry instrumentals BIGs voice stood out and was heard and recognized more than the actually artists that first produced over it.With funds low, duplicating the music and production came to a halt. BIG and Pitt had to find jobs to survive in the tough world that we all live in…

In the beginning of 2009, about a year after everything came to a halt, a long time friend and brother Jon Perrier thought it would be a fun and profitable idea to get Demolition Squad Entertainment moving again. Jon sat down with BIG and Dj Pitt and talked about taking over the idea for the company and investing his own money into making it a professional business. Jon explained that he wanted to have a complete Entertainment company. It would be an independent label and a Dj entertainment company. Both BIG and Dj Pitt were on board for the idea. Jon spoke with BIG to get him back on recording and producing music. As time went by, BIG kept recording and making beats; While Dj Pitt was working on all types of mixes.During this time, Jon was working on investing the money he had saved up over the years intelligently. On April 15, 2010, Jon incorporated the company To The Limit LLC. Not too soon after that, he created a subsidiary called Demolition Squad Entertainment. As more time went on Jon started realizing the talent he had around him in his friends. One friend named Nick Hoo-Chung, had an interested in graphic design and video production. He too was saving money over time to invest in his dream. Soon he had the Adobe package along with a high definition camera. Jon asked Nick if he would like to join Demolition Squad Entertainment as its Graphic Designer and a member of it video production team. Nick agreed to the proposition and started working on designing art for the company.

With everything falling into place, Jon now had the means to put together music that BIG had created into a mixtape and a first album. He also had Nick in the graphics department to create the album art for both the mixtape and the album. After all the graphics were completed, Demolition Squad starteddoing everything in house from printing the discs to packaging. BIG’s music was now hitting the streets for people to enjoy.


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BIG aka John Cerne was born December 8, 1988, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His family is of Haitian decent. As a child BIG attended M.L.K Elementary school where he joined the marching Band. He was very interested in music and started playing the Bass Drum. Even though he loved playing the Bass Drum, he still would sneak into the Band room to play other instruments for fun. In the 5th grade BIG met a white gentleman by the name of Robert Leach. Robert attended West Lauderdale Baptist Church along with BIG. Robert in time became BIG’s mentor. Robert exposed BIG to many different genres of music. Metallica, DCI, Beastie Boys, Christian Gospel music, etc. Robert also taught BIG more about playing instruments. He learned the fundamentals of playing the piano. Even learned how to play the drums and play better patterns. Robert thought BIG would be good with the Trombone so he gave him one to practice with. BIG liked the Trombone and continued to play it in the Middle School Band.

Around 7th grade BIG started to write music, which began as poetry. With lots of influence from his elders and peers, he continued to write his music. Towards the end of middle school, BIG started free-stlying and recording sessions with neighborhood friends. After realized the music he was writing was good, BIG felt “too cool” to play the Trombone in the Band anymore. BIG practices writing music nonstop, this helped him to develop a strong lyrical and vocal craft.

Before Middle school was over, BIG was introduced to a beat making program called “Fruity Loops” from his cousin. His cousin showed him the basics of the program and how to produce music. BIG learned the program quick and started making good tracks. As word got around that he was doing music, he started meeting other local artists and DJ’s in his neighborhood.

As BIG got to High school, he was still getting better at producing and writing. He began to meet other people that gave him more ideas about music and what’s “hot”. He continued to study what was “hot” until he put his own little project together. BIG passed the little project he did around school free. The reviews for the project were really good.

BIG was friends with a DJ named DJ PITT aka Tommy Bollig. The two decided to join forces and make music together. This idea eventually turned into Demo Squad Entertainment. They began recording and planning their takeover throughout high school. After high school finances got tough for both BIG and DJ PITT. This caused the music to come to a stop. BIG and DJ PITT both worked jobs here and there to make ends meet. One day, BIG was hanging out with a friend from high school Jon Perrier. Jon started talking to BIG about getting his music going again. After a couple more meetings Demolition Squad Entertainment was back on its feet, with Jon Perrier as the CEO. BIG was back to producing beats and writing music. Now BIG has three Free mix-tapes and an album for sale. BIG has been constantly working, whether it be creating beats for himself or others, trying to get other local artist to feature on his music, or doing shows. BIG is trying to do everything in life just like his name “BIG”.